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Blood and Milk Pregnancy Testing:

   Northern AG Diagnostics offers Blood and Milk based pregnancy testing utilizing ELISA methodology.  Developed by IDEXX Laboratories, one of the world’s leading diagnostic testing manufacturers, the test works by detecting Pregnancy Associated Glycoproteins (PAGs), which are only produced in the presence of an embryo or fetus.  The chart below provides Sensitivities (the ability to detect an “Open” animal) and Specificities (the ability to confirm an animal as “Pregnant”) for individual species and sample types.

   Animals can be tested as early as 28 days post breeding and 60 days postpartum (see chart or sample submission form for species specific information).

IDEXX Bovine Pregnancy Test

*27 of 27 heifers tested pregnant at 19-21 days post-embryo transfer

IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test

   Pregnancy testing is primarily performed the day samples are received in the laboratory.  On rare occasions, samples may be held until the following day for testing.  

Blood and Milk Johne’s MAP Antibody Testing:
   Developed by IDEXX laboratories, this test works by detecting the presence of antibodies associated with the disease.  It does not test directly for the disease itself.  Antibodies are produced by the cow as an immune response to the presence of the disease. The IDEXX MAP Antibody test is an effective and efficient tool to monitor the effects of Johne’s management control efforts in cattle herds.  This test detects true positives with a validated sensitivity of 55 % - 78%.  The IDEXX MAP Ab Test accurately identifies negative animals with a specificity >99%.   Johne’s testing will be performed within 72 hours of receiving your specimens in the laboratory.  If results are needed sooner, please contact us.  We will do our best to accommodate your requests.  Testing can be performed on either blood or milk samples ($5.75 / test).  If you are requesting both a Pregnancy test and Johne’s on the same animal, only one sample is needed to run both tests. 

   Northern AG Diagnostics is available by phone, text or email, 7 days a week for customer assistance.  Results are emailed upon completion (USPS mail upon request).  If text messaging is available, a text will be sent to notify clients that results are available for review.  Please see submission forms or contact the laboratory for any additional questions regarding pricing or testing services.