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Shipping Instructions

Samples can be shipped using the United States Postal Service (USPS), FedEx, or United Parcel Service (UPS).  Please see the specific instructions below for how to ship samples using these services. 

Please Include:


  1. 1.Blood

  2. a.Bundle tubes together in groups of 2-10 tubes with a rubber band.

  3. b.Place inside a leak proof zip lock bag

  4. c.Wrap the bundle with newspaper or paper towels (enough to absorb fluid if tubes break).

  5. d.Pack the bags with bubble wrap or other padding material inside a cardboard box. 

  6. e.Shipping samples in plain or padded envelopes is not recommended.

  1. 2.Milk

  2. a.Insure that vial lids are securely closed and place in zip lock bag.

  3. b.Place zip lock bag in sturdy cardboard box for shipping.

  4. c.Samples should be well packaged for both sample protection and leakage utilizing absorbent material such as newspaper or paper towels.

  5. d.Freezer/Cool packs are not required to ship preserved milk samples to the laboratory.

However- Caution must be utilized in hot weather as extreme heat may destroy the pregnancy-associated glycoproteins.  In these cases, freezer packs are recommended for use in shipping preserved milk specimens to the laboratory. 

Sample Submission Form:
Enclose a completed sample submission form with samples.  The submission forms can be obtained from the Solo Farm website or will be emailed upon request. 

Payment is due in full with submission of samples for testing.  See sample submission form for pricing.
Please make checks payable to:
Solo Farms.

How to Ship:

  1. 1.USPS:

    1. a.Print and place a Biohazard symbol inside shipping box.  The symbol can be found by clicking here (/sites/default/files/Biohazard for download.jpg). OR Place a handwritten “Biohazard” note inside shipping box. 

  2.                             DO NOT PUT “BIOHAZARD” ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE BOX!!

                  b.    Write “Exempt Animal Specimen” on the outside of the box

                  c.    If you have questions, please consult with your local post office or

      2. FedEx / UPS:

       a.  Write “Exempt Animal Specimen” on the outside of the box.

b.  If you have questions, please consult with your local FedEx / UPS store or /

     3. Where to Ship:         SOLO FARMS / Northern AG Diagnostics

                                                    6772 Scott Rd.

                                              Hubbard Lake, MI 49747